FROM SUMO TO MUSIC: Former Ozeki KONISHIKI to be Grand Marshal of parade

Hail the conquering hero … once again. When KONISHIKI last came to the Bay Area in 1996, the much celebrated sumo wrestler in Japan was taking a victory lap of sorts at a tournament in San Jose while he wound down a history-making career. Sunday, April 16 in San Francisco, the Hawai‘i-born KONISHIKI will return […]

Cancellation of Spring meet leaves wrestlers at loose end

TOKYO — As the crisis-torn Japan Sumo Association grapples with the sport’s biggest and most damaging scandal, wrestlers are at a loose end following the cancellation of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament. In what JSA Chairman Hanaregoma described as the “darkest chapter” in sumo’s centuries-old history, the sport’s governing body confirmed Feb. 6 that the […]

Sumo tournament canceled in wake of match-fixing scandal

The Japan Sumo Association announced the first canceled tournament since 1946 in the wake of a series of text messages that brought to light a seemingly widespread system of match-fixing among sumo wrestlers. According to the New York Times, police found text messages that link as many as 13 wrestlers to rigged bouts. Wrestlers must […]

The Art of Sumo

  In a current exhibition in San Francisco, local artists re-imagine the traditional Japanese sport of sumo in entirely untraditional ways, often pairing the iconic rotund athletes with quirky pop-culture images. A sumo wrestler battles a giant sharp-toothed monster as onlookers gasp below. Orange-haired clown wrestlers trade blows, with balloons bursting from their open mouths. […]

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