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Nutrition really is that simple. Like A, B, C or 1, 2, 3. There are no magic potions, no magic nutrient combinations, no hocus pocus. Many “experts” publish books on the ideal diet more often than not focusing on some ideal nutrient ratio or combination that will make you shed pounds while others downright feed […]

The Nakazawa Redwood

There is a redwood. Rather inconspicuous in the backyard of an ordinary residence in south Berkeley. It is an inconspicuous as the man who planted it some 70 years ago. Mr. Nakazawa was Japanese by birth and the Japanese were denied naturalization no matter how long they lived and worked in this country. They were […]

Uncovering Tokyo’s Yakuza and Nightlife

For 12 years, Jake Adelstein was embroiled in the seedy underbelly of Tokyo crime and nightlife, spending late nights schmoozing with police, conducting investigations at brothels and fielding death threats from the Japanese mafia. Adelstein himself, however, was not in law enforcement or a criminal. Rather, from 1993 to 2005, Adelstein worked as a crime […]

Video of Police Using Taser and Baton on Asian Exchange Student Prompts Investigation

SAN JOSE (Bay City News) — A criminal investigation has begun into the actions of four San Jose police officers, two of whom were captured on a cell phone camera using a baton and a Taser stun gun last month on a 20-year-old Vietnamese exchange student at San Jose State University. Police Sgt. Ronnie Lopez […]

Kyodo News

伝統の日系紙、歴史に幕  米加州、ネット普及で 10/26/2009 米カリフォルニア州北部で戦後最も長く発行されてきた日系紙「日米タイムズ」が9月で廃刊した。サンフランシスコを中心に日系人の情報源として貢献してきたが、インターネットの普及などに加え、日系社会の変容もあり、広告や購読者が減少、創刊から約63年の歴史に幕を閉じた。 サンフランシスコは19世紀、米西部の玄関口として日本人が多く定住。市内のジャパンタウンは今も北米有数の日系人街だ。日米タイムズは、太平洋戦争中の米政府による日系人強制収容で崩壊した日系コミュニティーを再建しようと、戦前に日系紙を発行していた人々が中心となり、1946年に創刊された。 50~70年代は英語より日本語が得意な日系人が読者の中心。情報伝達手段が未発達だった時代に、日本や地元のニュースを報じる日米タイムズは貴重だった。創刊から5代目、最後の社長となった岡田幹夫さん(56)は「読者が『とにかく日本語が読みたい』と思う時代だった」と振り返る。 しかし90年代に入ると、ニュースや広告を掲載し、レストランや街角で無料で手に入る日本語のフリーペーパーの創刊が相次ぎ、ネットの隆盛で広告や購読者が減った。岡田さんは「英語しか話さない日系3世、4世がコミュニティーの中心になり、日本語の需要も低下した」と語る。 近年は日本語版を週3日、英語版を週1日発行していたが、70年代まで1万部を超えていた発行部数は年々減少。採算が合わなくなり、本社事務所の賃貸契約が今年9月末で切れるのを機に、廃刊を決めた。 8月に廃刊の社告を紙面に掲載。日本語版は9月10日付が最終号となったが、カリフォルニア州の財政難に関するニュースなどいつも通りの記事が紙面を飾った。 渡米から約35年間、日米タイムズを読んできた晴海三悟さん(59)は「現在の日系紙の読者は50代以上の中高年が中心。廃刊は残念だが、時代の流れだと思う」と受け止める。 編集記者や事務社員ら約15人はそれぞれの道を歩む。インターンから記者となり、今年結婚したばかりの森川広大さん(31)は「会社の苦境は知っていたが、こんなに早く廃刊の時期が来るとは」と悔やむ。今後は別の仕事を見つけるという。 英語版の編集長を務めていた日系3世のケンジ・タグマさん(40)は非営利団体を立ち上げ、新たな英字紙を出すと決めた。タグマさんは「大新聞が扱わない日系社会の話題を報じる意味はまだある」と強調した。(サンフランシスコ共同=砂田浩孝) (了)

Nikkei Reflect on ‘What it Means to be a Japanese American Woman’

When community members at this year’s Mountain View Obon Bazaar and Festival were asked to explain what it means to be Japanese American, the responses were as diverse as the community itself. To some, their Nikkei experience and identity is formed by the injustices of wartime incarceration that tens of thousands of persons of Japanese […]

Olympian’s Field of Dreams in Fremont: Kristi Yamaguchi Envisions New Playground in Fremont Hometown

FREMONT, Calif. — Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi’s longtime dream of a playground where children with and without disabilities can play freely together is getting closer to reality. Construction began this summer on the Always Dream PlayPark, located at Central Park in Fremont. It is scheduled to open in early December. “Seeing that construction is […]

New SF Confectionary Minamoto Kitchoan Offers Sweet Treats

As pretty as poems, the confections at Minamoto Kitchoan — a new Japanese sweets shop in downtown San Francisco —almost look too good to eat. The pastel paper wrappings make many of the sweets resemble perfect little presents. And the glass cabinets, filled with artfully arranged models of pastries and seasonal fruits and foliage, bring […]

ENTERTAINMENT RE-ORIENTED: Race and Reality: The ‘Balloon Boy,’ Jon & Kate

On Wednesday last week, a six-year-old hapa boy captured the attention of the world when it was reported that he was trapped in a homemade helium balloon floating 15,000 feet in the air. Falcon Heene, dubbed “the balloon boy,” replaced President Obama’s New Orleans town hall meeting as the day’s big story on cable news. […]

Jojima Opts Out of Contract

SEATTLE (Kyodo) — Seattle Mariners catcher Kenji Jojima is opting out of the final two years of his three-year, $24 million contract and will return to Japanese baseball, the club said Oct. 19. Jojima, the only Japanese-born catcher who has played in the major leagues, has decided to exercise the opt-out clause in his contract […]

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