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Identity & Art San Francisco-Based Artist Finds Direction After Connecting with His Japanese Heritage

Akira Beard, a 34-year-old San Francisco-based artist, is currently showing 18 works in “New Territory,” an exhibit at White Walls gallery in the city’s Tenderloin District. Beard, who lives nearby the gallery, is a painter and instructor whose works aim to spur dialog on social issues. Using portraits of celebrities and historical figures, the paintings […]

Political Pioneer: The First Asian American Governor

NJAHS annual awards dinner keynote speaker Governor George Ariyoshi became the third governor of Hawai‘i in 1974, promoted from lieutenant governor after the sitting Governor John Burns had to step down due to illness. He became the first Asian American and Japanese American governor in America, and also the first Hawai‘i-born governor of the state. […]

NJAHS Awards Celebrate Japanese American Accomplishments and U.S.-Japan Relations

On March 27, the National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS) held its annual awards dinner, with the theme of “New Beginnings, Bold Visions,” honoring leaders who have made great achievements for the Japanese American community. The event, which featured former Governor of Hawai‘i George Ariyoshi as its keynote speaker, also acknowledged the 150th anniversary of […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Distilled Wine … and Other Distillates

Distilled wine? Is that like distilled water? Like wine in its purest form without any minerals? Well, not exactly. It’s more like brandy… well, it is brandy. Or if it’s produced in the Cognac region of France, it’s Cognac. You mean the French distill perfectly good wine just to make brandy? Well, actually the initial […]

Used Adult Diapers Get New Life as Fuel

TOKYO — Japan’s rapidly aging population is providing business opportunities for manufacturing companies who have found a way to utilize tons of used paper diapers. After noticing that the bulk of diapers disposed of by hospitals and nursing homes were being sent to incineration plants, Super Faiths Inc. of Tokyo has developed a machine to […]

Grouping All Asians Together Could Be Bad For Health

Asian Americans as a group are half as likely as non-Hispanic whites to die from heart disease. But Native Hawaiians are 40 percent more apt to suffer from heart disease than whites. That’s just one example of a health threat that gets lost when all Asians are statistically blended into the category “Asian Americans, Native […]

NUMMI’s Closure Marks ‘A Very Sad Day,’ Says Mayor

FREMONT, Calif. — After a quarter-century of production, the last car rolled off the assembly line at the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant in Fremont April 1 and workers headed home to uncertain futures. “It’s a very sad day for Fremont,” Mayor Bob Wasserman said. Sergio Santos, president of United Auto Workers Local 2244, […]

PARTING SHOTS: Unlearned Lesson of 4.29: The English Voice: The Key to Urban Survival

“Round up the usual suspects,” the corrupt Vichy French captain Renault tells his men at Rick’s gambling joint in the classic romantic drama “Casablanca.” With the 18th anniversary of 4.29 (Sa-I-Gu) just around the corner, I can’t help but hearing his mocking order reverberated during the fiery siege of LA Koreatown in which Korean Americans […]

LETTERS: Former Cypress House Resident’s Daughter ‘Open Dialogue’

Note: This letter was sent in response to Betty Kurihara Ozawa’s “No Protection for Ayako Ozawa,’ Former Cypress House Resident” letter to the editor printed March 18, 2010. My mother, Misao Murakawa, has had progressively worse dementia for the past five years since the age of 90. At first, she had simple memory lapses but […]

The Yellow Peril Revisited

Roger Shimomura is known for using his art to challenge racism and stereotypes and to explore Japanese American identity. Since the 1970s, the Kansas-based artist has been combining the concepts and aesthetics of pop art with the look of ukiyo-e (Japanese wood-block printing), juxtaposing iconic American imagery to make bold statements about the way we […]

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