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‘9500 Liberty’ Marks a New Direction for Eric Byler

The new documentary “9500 Liberty,” directed and produced by Annabel Park, a celebrated playwright and grassroots organizer, and Eric Byler, director of indie hits, including “Charlotte Sometimes” and “Americanese,” is a departure from the filmmaker’s previous works. Throughout his career, Byler created narrative works that dealt with race and human relationships in subtle and complex […]

Former San Jose State University students return for honorary degrees

Chitoshi Akizuki was a San Jose State University freshman and a member of the basketball team when his studies and those of other Japanese American students were interrupted by World War II. “I was just beginning,” said Akizuki, 87, a San Jose resident. Akizuki was one of 24 former Nisei students recognized with honorary degrees […]

Sake Supports Senior Services at San Jose’s Yu-Ai Kai

SAN JOSE — What is the “make merriest” time of year in San Jose’s Japantown? Is it Christmas? Is it Obon? Is it Nikkei Matsuri? No…it’s Sake San Jose, hands down! Despite the bouts of showers, on May 27, the crowds thickened and the lines grew long as the throng waited for tickets in the […]

Once the center of international outcry, Japanese American author speaks out

Roxana Saberi, as with other political prisoners, suffers from “emotional scars” that “will take a long time to heal. Some will never heal,” she told the Nichi Bei Weekly in a phone interview. However, she said that writing about and discussing her experience have helped. Saberi’s book, “Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in […]

Planning a memorial in North Dakota

We gathered over the Memorial Day weekend as special guests of United Tribes Technical College, located on the grounds of Fort Lincoln, Bismarck, N.D. This was one of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) internment sites that operated between 1941 to 1946, holding approximately 1,800 Japanese and 1,500 Germans. Overall, about 6,000 Germans and Japanese from […]

THE KAERU KID: It’s plain no rain in Spain

Your reward this month for being a reader of this column is information on how to receive a free week’s vacation with lodging and all meals paid at a four-star resort in Spain. What’s the catch? You must meet some simple requirements. You must pay your own round-trip fare to Madrid. Second, English must be […]

Educated Asian Americans Struggle to Find Jobs

Asian Americans may have the lowest unemployment rate of any racial group nationwide, but a new report shows college-educated Asian Americans have a harder time finding jobs than whites. The new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), “Hidden Disadvantage: Asian American Unemployment and the Great Recession,” shows that in the fourth quarter of 2009, […]

‘UNDERCOUNTED’ Asian Americans continue to face barriers to being accurately represented by Census data

Every 10 years, the United States Census Bureau sets out to gather information about the country’s population with a short questionnaire. Americans were encouraged to send their forms back by April 1, and one month later, on May 1, census workers started going door-to-door to collect answers from non-respondents. Despite the scope of this undertaking, […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Cooking with sour wine

No, this is not the wine in Mylar bags sold in cardboard boxes. That wine was meant to taste that way. This is the product that comes from wine (or vin in French) that has naturally soured (aigre, again in French) to make vin-aigre — that is, vinegar. It can happen naturally in wine that […]

Supporters of Japanese culture across the nation recognized with Kunsho medals

In the May 27 issue, the Nichi Bei Weekly published information about Kunsho medal recipients named by the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco. Kunsho medals have been simultaneously handed out all across the country; this week’s issue includes information about recipients from other areas. Southern California and Arizona • Paul Kunio Shiba of […]

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