MANGA REVIEW: Time to get schooled



By Akihisa Ikeda  (San Francisco: Viz Media, 2010, 184 pp., $9.99 paperback)

School is back in session. “Rosario + Vampire: Season II” is back for its second year. This continuation of the original series starts off with Tsukune Aono returning to Yokai Academy for his second year. All of the cast reunite to fall back into their usual antics.

Tsukune, the only human student in an academy for yokai (monsters), must keep himself hidden away. That may be a tall order for him though, as he is best friends with Moka Akashiya, the school’s prettiest girl, making him the unwitting ladies man on campus. Her beautiful and kind personality, however, is only a shell; Moka’s true nature is confined in a split personality sealed by the Rosario around her neck. Tsukune is the only one that can unleash her true form, and only in times of dire need or danger.

His fame throughout the school brings forth much of his trouble with a succubus going after his heart, a mischievous witch that wants to hook Moka and him together, and a quiet ice fairy that burns with passion for Tsukune’s affection. Their friendly rivalry with each other often ends with what can only seem to be near-fatal wounds on Tsukune’s cranium.

Of course, with only them, the series would only be the same old, same old. So in this new incarnation, the cast is joined by Moka’s little sister, Kokoa Shuzen who rivals Tsukune for her sister’s attention. Sparks fly and panties flash in this sexually charged series for the pubescent manga reader.

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