Former Crystal City inmate seeks help in creating detailed map


A former resident of the Department of Justice camp at Crystal City, Texas is looking for others who were forcibly relocated there, in hopes of building a detailed map of the camp.

Werner Ulrich, who was incarcerated at Crystal City from 1943 to 1947, is trying to identify who stayed in each of the living units there.

As part of this project, Werner is also compiling a list of where people worked and what they did. Ulrich is looking for various details: the names of hospital staff, teachers, other staff members; the names of children who were born or died in the camp hospital; and even undocumented street names.

Reminiscences are welcome too. If enough information is gathered, a collection of inmate experiences will be released for everyone’s use.

Werner may be reached at (631) 828-1027 or

For more information, contact Heidi Donald at (831) 426-5166 or

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