LETTERS: Support Muslim Americans’ effort to build a community center near Ground Zero


Dear Editor:

As Japanese Americans whose families were targeted by the hysteria over national security during World War II, we are deeply disturbed by the irrational fear and opposition toward the Muslim Americans who plan to build a community center near Ground Zero.

America was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Muslim Americans have a right to build a place of worship and community center wherever they want, just as Christian Americans do.

Respecting differences and welcoming diversity is what makes the United States unique and strong. Building the community center would represent another cornerstone in our strength and purpose as a nation.

Signed by members of the Sansei Legacy Project

Marjorie Fujioka, Amy Funabiki, Florence Jeong, Betty Nobue Kano, Fumi Knox, Grace Morizawa, Richard Tatsuo Nagaoka, Nadine Narita, Laurie Ozone, Shizue Seigel, Sharon Senzaki, Audrey Shoji, Angela Urata, Kay Yatabe, Ron Yamato and Jiro Yamamoto

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