Gifts from Nikkei Traditions for under $50


Earth-friendly water bottles.

Earth-friendly water bottles.

Nikkei Traditions has modern Japanese gift ideas with Hawaiian flair, including music, DVDs, fashion and even snack items! Nikkei Traditions’ newest line of products has gone green! Check out these three eco-friendly gift ideas, along with several other great present possibilities.

Water Bottles


Plastic water bottles not only increase our carbon footprint, they add to already excessive amounts of landfill waste. These cool, eco-friendly stainless steel bottles by Earthlust have Asian-inspired designs that are both artful and mindful! Included are metal clasps at the lid, ideal for climbers, bike riders, hikers and general on-the-go transport.

Collapsible Chopsticks with Holder ($8)

Save the earth one chopstick at a time! These re-usable, collapsible chopsticks can be conveniently stowed in a compact holder that is small enough to fit in a pocket! Take them to your favorite sushi bar or restaurant and show off your ohashi skills — all the while reducing the amount of wooden chopstick waste and increasing peace of mind in utensil cleanliness.

Collapsible chopsticks with holder.

EnV Shopping Bags


These multi-purpose bags serve as a great carry-all for grocery store runs, the perfect beach tote and as a great gift wrap idea (shown). Minimizing the use of plastic bags, these totes are re-usable and therefore eco-friendly! Brightly colored and ultra lightweight, these bags by EnV can hold the contents of up to two plastic grocery bags and when empty, fold up inside a compact case that comes included with the purchase.

Enviroxax shopping bag.

Aloha Chill’r ($34.95-$46.95)

Straight from the islands of Hawai‘i and all the rage, these serving dishes are the answer to food perishables staying cold and fresh at outdoor picnics and kanikapilas at the beach. Simply place ice into the bottom of the compartment, then put your favorite dip or poke in the compartments above it. The Aloha Chill’r comes in various styles, including Aloha Solo Chill’r and Aloha Big Chill’r. So pack a picnic and chill, braddah!

Shiitake Happens.
Aloha Chill'r.

Musubi Pillow ($34)

These large, handmade pillows are cute, cuddly and comfy for any child (or for the grown-up kid in all of us). All pillows are individually handmade and are a Nikkei Traditions exclusive — they can’t be found anywhere else!

Musubi pillow.

Shiitake Happens


It’s true! Give this high quality, tongue-in-cheek tee to the jokester in the family as a one of a kind gift. This shirt comes in adult sizes and in different colors. It’s a hot holiday steal at $18!

Kimono Cuties Accessories ($12.25-$26.25)

Wallets, cosmetic bags, pill-cases and more… fun and function meet in this fashionable accessories line by Fluff! These Kimono Cuties make great stocking-stuffers or special gifts for any girl, especially those who like everything in its place without the fuss! Check out the travel kit, which comes with several three-ounce bottles for airplane-friendly liquid amenities.

Kimono Cuties accessories.

Nikkei Traditions is located at 219 Jackson St. in San Jose’s Japantown. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday through Tuesday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Call (408) 297-7554 or visit

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