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Nichi Bei Times Green Cover

The cover of the Feb. 21-27 premier “Green Issue” of the Nichi Bei Times English section

Back in early 2008, in this newspaper’s previous life as the Nichi Bei Times, we took a stab at a fresh idea and published a green issue. We reached out to the experts, advocates and regulators who constantly fight for a healthier planet. We interviewed David Suzuki, world-famous scientist, broadcaster and author (see review). We learned about environmental justice from Lindsay Imai at Urban Habitat and Amber Chan at the Asian Pacific Environmental Network. We talked to the EPA’s Dean Higuchi about water pollution, and spoke with BayRail Alliance’s Margaret Okuzumi about cleaner transportation alternatives. Our editor-in-chief surveyed family members to compile a heart-warming inventory of his mother’s longstanding recycling habits, adopted in the interest of not being “mottainai.” And from these and other conversations, along with research and reporting, we tried to put together a few pages that would remind readers not to take for granted the world in which we all live.

Nearly three years later, we now launch this blog in that same spirit. We hope you’ll join us as we continue this exploration of environmentalism across Japanese America and beyond.

Nichi Bei Times Green Articles

Articles from the Nich Bei Times “Green” issue.

About Alec Yoshio MacDonald

Alec Yoshio MacDonald is an associate editor at the Nichi Bei Weekly. His work has also appeared in Nikkei Heritage, the Pacific Citizen, Nikkei Family Magazine, the Chicago Shimpo, the East Bay Express and Hyphen Magazine. He lives in Oakland.

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