Deciding that no property of theirs is too silly for a feature film adaptation, Marvel Films set about work on an adaptation of Thor, a comic book about a Norse god/alien/superhero who comes to earth to become superfriends with Captain America and the Hulk or something.

The teaser trailer wouldn’t be something I’d mention here (or anywhere) if it weren’t for the fact if features Tadanobu Asano, one of my favorite actors of all time (of all time!). The cast actually looks pretty solid and Kenneth Branagh is directing. But even if it still manages to be as horrible as its premise, we still get Asano in a U.S. movie (in 3-D).

On the subject of wacky adaptations of wacky Marvel Comics, check out this Toei adaptation of Tomb of Dracula, which has Dracula grubbing on a hamburger.

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