Harris declares victory in California attorney general race


San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris on Nov. 30 declared victory in the race for state attorney general “humbly and with happiness.”

She claimed her win at a news conference in Los Angeles, then traveled back to San Francisco for a second news conference and celebration.

Harris said she feels “very thankful to the voters of California” for electing her to the post.

She led her Republican opponent, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, by 75,033 votes — 46.1 percent to 45.3 percent — as of Nov. 30, the deadline for counties to report final vote counts to the Secretary of State.

Cooley conceded defeat last Wednesday, but Harris declined to declare victory until all the votes were counted.

She celebrated bringing together a diverse coalition of support for her campaign to be the first female, the first African American and first Indian American to be attorney general in California.

“It is an incredible feeling to know that so many people see that their priorities are the same as people who are very different from them,” Harris said. She said that as attorney general, her priorities will include mortgage fraud, environmental protection, school truancy and civil rights issues.

Although Harris said she “will remain in my office until I take oath” as attorney general on Jan. 3, she did not say whether she would resign before Mayor Gavin Newsom does.

The mayor selects an interim district attorney when there is a vacancy, but Newsom is also heading to Sacramento after winning the lieutenant governor’s seat. Newsom is also set to take office on Jan. 3.

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