In the spirit of miso and butter

These days everyone loves a good mashup. It seems like lately the currency of cleverness is the ability to find not one, but two interesting items that when stitched together rise to a sum above their parts. Sadly I am no exception. Eager to impress with my blog title I mixed and matched Japanese and English words googling frantically back and forth.

How could I define my relationship with food in so few characters?

“Glutton!” my brother suggested.

Well, I’m definitely a glutton, so the Japanese word, kuishinbou seemed appropriate. And at first a mashup seemed gratuitous. But then I realized that this blog was going to be just that, a mashup of Japanese traditional foods (or washoku) and western influences. In fact even my dinner was such a fusion: Miso butter corn ramen. Most people know, butter isn’t a traditional Japanese food. But if you’re lucky enough to have tried the Hokkaido style noodle soup, miso butter corn ramen is a culinary integration far above its parts. So I settled on kuishinbowl and pledge to include less talk and more recipes or info in all future posts.

For those hungry for more knowledge about ramen has this great primer:

Ramen Basics for the Noodle Novice

And for those hungry for ramen (and lucky enough to be in the Bay Area) I highly recommend the miso butter corn at Himawari in San Mateo!

About Pauline Fujita

Pauline Fujita lives in Santa Cruz, California. A biologist by trade and a glutton at heart, she's especially interested in Japanese and Japanese influenced food.

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