“It seems that Marvel Studios believes that white people should have nothing that is unique to themselves.”

Good point, Council of Conservative Citizens. First it was the water fountains, then the country clubs and then the presidency. Now comic book movie depictions of Norse Gods?! According to the Guardian, the CCC is calling for a boycott of the movie “Thor,” which I mentioned the other week for its casting of Tadanobu Asano. CCC has taken issue with Marvel for casting Idris Elba as the “white god” Heimdall, though they are strangely unperterbed by the depiction of Norse diety Thor as an alien-clobberin’ BFF of the Hulk.

From their Web site:

“Marvel has a history of advocating for the left-wing. In early 2010 they even used their Captain America comic to attack the TEA Party movement. Marvel front man Stan “Lee” Lieber personally funds left-wing political candidates. Now Marvel has inserted left-wing social engineering into European mythology, casting a black man to play a Norse deity.”

I like how they make a point of using Marvel Comics’ icon Stan Lee’s real last name, Lieber, when everyone knows him by “Lee.” Heh. Incidentally, according to the Washington Post, these guys got thrown under the bus by Trent freaking Lott. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, however, recently told the Weekly Standard he thinks they’re pretty kewl tho.

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