Fractale Fracas

Well hey, if Fractale Production doesn't care about me, I don't care about you either! Let's all not care about each other's feelings!

I got word that Anime News Network and Funimation are reeling from a recent debacle concerning this season’s anime “Fractale.”

Tim Maughan linked me to ANN’s post that decreed that “Fractale” Production will be refusing to allow Funimation  from distributing their work via streaming until all pirated copies of their anime are removed from the Internet.

Uh huh… Good luck with that.

As symbolic as this motion is for Fractale Production in standing up against Internet piracy, the concept of making it so that fans have no choice but to pirate or not watch their show at all seems to be more a bite on the hand that feeds you more than any actual “bold move.”

Good show “Fractale” Pro, good show. (Actually, from what I can see, the show seems to be a rip off of every Miyazaki anime ever made, rolled into one post-modern acid-trip)

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