Got no plans for the upcoming weekend? With apologies for being so last-minute on this, here are a couple activities to get you into the environmental swing of things:

For my people in Chicago, the Chicago Botanic Garden is hosting a bonsai show and accompanying lecture to “celebrate the winter season in the Japanese tradition.” Looks like they’re planning on covering bamboo, a topic of interest around here as is, of course, the garden itself.

For those of you in the Bay Area, you may have heard former mayor of Palo Alto Yoriko Kishimoto on KQED this morning plugging Saturday’s Caltrain Summit (Jan. 29) in San Carlos. The event has been organized to figure out how to save the ailing railroad, which reduces greenhouse gases by pulling cars off the road, but is facing a $30 million budget hole for next fiscal year. The Bay Area environmental community has been working hard to address this problem, with Kishimoto helping lead the charge.

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