Haley Kiyoko, star of Disney’s new high school musical (not High School Musical)


More hapas on (kids) TV! So apparently Disney is putting together a high school musical TV movie (not a High School Musical© TV movie, mind you) called “Lemonade Mouth.”

The star is Nikkei, and Disgrasian has the rundown. Here’s an excerpt:

Hayley Kiyoko (pictured, center), who plays one of the lead misfits. Because the 19 year-old of Japanese descent is crazy talented. She plays the drums, keys, guitar, and writes her own music. … Added bonus: she’s goofy as hell, as witnessed by this YouTube video she made last summer, when she and girl-groupmate Lauren Hudson, who’s also Asian, got stuck in the back of their tour van.

Incidentally, isn’t Kiyoko a first name?

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