I feel slightly nausiated by this…

This was my face when I saw this video.

Hey guys, it’s time to relax, it’s the weekend and…

What is this?

Where did this guy come from? I really want to watch this show, just to be allowed to yell profanities at it, but alas, the UK doesn’t let me watch it legally.

But seriously, when you name your documentary off of a song that’s associated with mild racism, masturbation, and Kirsten Dunst, how am I not supposed to be offended?

Am I having a hissy fit? Well, I might be, but this comes right after the BBC’s “QI” apologized for joking about a survivor of the two atomic bombs. And “QI” is an actually good show. I can’t really say much else for “Turning Japanese.”

If I can find a copy to watch this somewhere… I’ll write more thoroughly on it, but for now, I’m going to be making gagging noises in the bathroom.

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