Meet George Takei, ‘Supah Ninja’


George Takei as “Hologramps,” the recently deceased grandfather of the show’s main character.

George Takei as "Hologramps," the recently deceased grandfather of the show's main character. photo courtesy Varsity Pictures

His ninja name is Hologramps. I was going to try to write something funny, but I couldn’t top that. Looks like it could be a pretty good kid’s show. The main character is supposed to be a Nikkei kid, Mike Fukunaga, from a ninja family. The actor, Ryan Potter, looks pretty damn hapa to me.

From the press release:

“Supah Ninjas” follows Mike Fukanaga (Ryan Potter), a shy, awkward high school student who is hopelessly incapable of talking to girls. But when he discovers he comes from a long line of ninjas, that all begins to change. Under the supervision of his holographic grandfather (George Takei), Mike teams up with his best friend Owen (Carlos Knight) and his crush Amanda (Gracie Dzienny) to form the ‘Supah Ninjas,’ a secret team of ninja crime fighters protecting the city from criminals. As if fighting crime and surviving high school weren’t hard enough, they are also sworn to conceal their identities, vowing to ‘stay in the shadows’ and never to reveal their ‘supah’ cool alter-egos.

Actor Ryan Potter plays Mike Fukanaga, a boy fated to be ninjah. photo courtesy Varsity Pictures

George’s plug:

It’s a complete delight to be part of Supah Ninjas because the series is a wonderful blend of sharp humor, lots of action and heart. The grandfather has the serious task of instructing the next generation of ninjas, but he also has a lot of funny moments and I find that a refreshing take on the traditional teacher-student relationship.

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  1. Tomo Hirai Avatar
    Tomo Hirai

    This show better have meaningless ninja-like hand movements. I’ll be unimpressed otherwise.

    1. Ben Hamamoto Avatar
      Ben Hamamoto


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