MOS Burger crossing the Pacific?

The last time I had MOS Burger was on July 29, 2008 at about 9 PM in Nagasaki. I WANT TO EAT ANOTHER ONE.

MOS Burger to come to the US?

Oh god, I don’t know how to express how happy I am. I’m ecstatic. This is the best news ever. Oh my god. I love MOS Burger. This is so great. I thank you MOS Burger gods. I will patronize you as soon as you come to America (as long as you are in San Francisco or within a 40-mile radius of the city).

This is so much great news. I love you MOS Burger.

You know what would be seriously awesome though? You know what would make my day forever and ever? If they built one where the old Denny’s used to be in Japantown. This would complete me. Eh? Eh?

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  1. Ben Hamamoto says

    When?! Where?! I haven’t eaten at Mos in more than half a decade. This is great news, I don’t even care if they sell Happy Meals. The only question is, will the quality and menu be the same or are they gonna go the Yoshinoya route?

    • Tomo Hirai says

      The Japanator and Independent don’t actually give any real info on where these Mos Burgers will be built, but I’m hoping one in Japantown. It would only make sense.

      I’m guessing though, there will be a drop in quality, because they’ll do some market research into “what Americans like.” Hopefully, they’ve learned from their mistakes when they launched their chain in Hawai’i 20 years ago, where they failed to include their namesake item on the menu, and subsequently went the ways of the wild buffalo burger.

      I think Americans, especially places with high concentration of Asian populations (MOS is big among my Chinese and Korean friends as well) will be happy to see one in Japantown, where people expect to see some Japanese food. Yoshinoya made the mistake of opening a flagship store in New York, where tourists will come and see their store… and proceed to go eat at an overpriced diner because, seriously, who goes to Times Square to eat a Japanese beef bowl?

      MOS should entrench itself somewhere that can act as home-base, not throw themselves to the “hip” place to go out like an M-90 fire cracker.

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