San Franciscans pound mochi at the Asian Art Museum

Kagami Kai members help children experience mochitsuki. photo by Noriko Shiota

On Jan. 8, the mochitsuki group Kagami Kai gave a performance at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Kagami Kai perform mochitsuki with usu (mortar) and kine (pestle) to rhythmical taiko and flute music. photo by Noriko Shiota

The event, which started at noon, included a mochi-pounding by the San Francisco-based group, in which people of all ages were invited to try swinging wooden mallets down on the wet rice paste.

Kagami Kai members hold mochi up in the air during the mochitsuki performance. photo by Noriko Shiota

After the pounding, visitors could listen to Japanese New Year stories and make Year-of-the-Rabbit-inspired crafts.

The audience participates in mochitsuki. photo by Noriko Shiota

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