Oh Ishihara you are a funny man

I just didn’t have anything witty in pictures to post here. Well nothing safe to post here anyway. So have a look at what was on my desktop when I was working on this.

Gov. Ishihara calls for more immigration. Not sure how to feel about that seeing as he’s made a fair share of xenophobic remarks in the past… Why the turn around? Is he actually a pretty decent politician after all?

No, I don’t think so.

Okay, I really talk way too much about that without really making much concrete rhetoric.

Anyway, that’s not why I wanted to talk about him. I’m more concerned about his stance on nuclear weapons. And I’m really more concerned with this bit of verbiage:

“If Japan had had nuclear (arms), there would not have been any (Chinese encroachment) on the Senkakus and North Korea would not have abducted our citizens.”

Okay Mr. Ishihara, perhaps you find me a crazy foreigner with no cultural taste (not safe for work) or bearings of Japanese people, but I find that as a fine formula for mutually assured destruction. What you don’t quite understand is that having a nuclear weapon more or less makes a tough situation into a Mexican-standoff. Seeing as Mr. Ishihara has probably not seen any recent movie or read a recently published work of fiction (as its all trash), I’ll excuse him from almost certainly not seeing “Inglourious Basterds.” But perhaps he should. The film includes a prime example of what Mexican-standoffs breed.

This call for foreign labor, however, may come from another source — the Japan Business Federation. In a statement they released late last month, they made it known that Japan’s future workforce woes may be solved through the immigration of foreign laborers. Sure, yeah, I believe that completely when domestic unemployment is an issue.

Either way, that is just dumb. Did this have anything to do with pop culture? Well, no. But I talked about Mexican-standoffs so I’m excused right?

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For more than half a decade, Tomo Hirai has whittled his time away playing video games and reading comics. He has been writing about Japanese pop-culture since his start at the Nichi Bei Times working on Anime/Manga special issues.


  1. Ben Hamamoto says

    You also mention Tarantino. He’s pop culture. I found this whole thing pretty weird considering his other xenophobic stances. Thanks for pointing out he nukes/senkaku thing, btw. That was pretty mind-blowing. The thing I found most interesting about his statement on immigration was his reasoning: “Japanese are not a homogeneous people, because their ancestors can be traced back to Korea, Mongolia, China, Melanesia and even what is now Bangladesh,” Ishihara said.”Since we are a mixed people, whether the number of foreigners increases or not in Japan is irrelevant.”

    • Tomo Hirai says

      As colorblind as he appears though, I would wonder just how he means to expect foreigners to live in Japan. Would they be expected to do as the Romans?

  2. Now, saying that he hasn’t read a recently published work of fiction is definitely untrue. I’m sure that he has read his entirely wholesome novels multiple times.

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