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Shelter after the storm: Sawtelle’s postwar boarding houses

LOS ANGELES — Boarding houses played an important part in the development of the Japanese American neighborhood of Sawtelle in West Los Angeles during the Nikkei resettlement period after World War II, declared participants at a community forum held Jan. 29. Dr. Jack Fujimoto, who organized the event at the West Los Angeles Buddhist Church, […]

Lawmakers propose bill to ban trade in shark fins to save declining populations

State legislators and marine environmentalists held a news conference at San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences Feb. 14 to announce legislation that would ban the sale, distribution and possession of shark fins in California. The proposed law, co—sponsored by Assemblymen Paul Fong (D-Cupertino) and Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), aims to curb a rapid decline in […]

OBITUARY: Tsukasa Matsueda

Tsukasa Matsueda passed away on Jan. 28, leaving behind a legacy of work in scholarship and community service. He taught at Sequoia Union High School in Redwood City, Calif. for 33 years and also lectured at Stanford University and San Jose State University. He is the author of “Issei: The Shadow Generation,” a book citing […]

Chado Urasenke Tankokai SF Kyokai holds tea ceremony

The Chado Urasenke Tankokai San Francisco Kyokai held their tatezomeshiki (New Year’s tea ceremony and luncheon) Jan. 23 in San Francisco’s Japantown. Madame Soko Kobara arranged three tea ceremony sessions at the Hokka Nichibei Kai, located in San Francisco’s Japantown. Midori Inomata, who is married to Consul General of Japan in San Francisco Hiroshi Inomata, […]

Matsui introduces bill to research bone marrow failure disease

WASHINGTON — Rep. Doris Matsui introduced a bill Feb. 11 in the House of Representatives, that her office said will “expand the research, treatment, and education available about acquired bone marrow failure diseases, which although rare, are often fatal.” Matsui said that the Acquired Bone Marrow Failure Disease Research and Treatment Act of 2011, H.R. […]

LETTERS: Kudos for Korematsu Day coverage

Dear Editor: Thank you for the excellent coverage of the first Fred T. Korematsu Day celebration at UC Berkeley on Jan. 30 … Kudos to Vivien Kim Thorp. Kathryn P. Korematsu San Leandro, Calif.

THE HEART OF KANJI: Water and air

水 (mizu) means “water.” This character comes from the splashing of water. 空 (kuu or sora) means “empty” or “sky.” This character comes from a big empty room or cave. 気 (ki) means “spirit” or “breath.” This character consists of two parts. The top part represents a person’s profile including the face, mouth and nose; […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: The legend of Pisoni

Like any rough-cut diamond, this legend is multifaceted. On the one hand there’s the legend of the man himself, Gary Pisoni. On the other hand there’s the legend of the product he produces, namely Pisoni Vineyard Pinot Noir grapes. Then there’s the Pisoni family label of wines including Pisoni Estate and Lucia. Well, since Pinot […]

APA Legal Center hires Izumi Miyake as staff attorney

LOS ANGELES — Izumi Miyake joins the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC), a member of Asian American Center for Advancing Justice, it was announced Feb. 1. Miyake is its newest staff attorney who will assist domestic violence survivors. Miyake, who is fluent in Japanese, will focus on outreach to the Japanese community, and on providing family […]

This is frightening

This ain’t right. This ain’t right at all. That’s just. No. NO THAT’S EVEN WORSE. You can’t even eat that one. This is scaring me.

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