LETTERS: CNBC editor tries to dissuade people from aiding victims in Japan


Dear Editor:

This morning when I logged onto CNBC’s Website, I came across a poorly-written, insensitively-timed article with the “Do Not Donate Money To Japan” teaser written by Mr. John Carney, just days after the horrific earthquake and tsunami.


This is blanket discouragement against donating to Japan disguised as concern over allocation of charitable funds. If Mr. Carney’s intention was to warn of scams and “earmarking” funds, he could have spent more time providing trusted, viable giving methods; instead, he spends his time telling us our sympathy is worthless. Worse, his choice of words promote an unconcerned and un-empathetic attitude towards the Japanese people as a whole.

I’m a half-Japanese American citizen. My mother’s side of the family lives in Northern Japan (safe, but scared). Clearly, I was angered by the tone of Mr. Carney’s article — and I think many members of the Japanese community will feel the same way.

You’re probably busy with disaster relief efforts at the moment, but I’m hoping you will take some time to contact CNBC and/or the author of this article (John Carney) and express your dissatisfaction with his attempt to dissuade people from their humanitarian urges during this difficult time for Japan.

Thank you very much.

Maya Tuttle

Costa Mesa, Calif.


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