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Kanye Video a Homage to ‘Enter the Void’?

Epileptics beware. So Kanye West’s video for “All of the Lights” has more than a passing resemblance to the opening credits of Gaspar Noe’s “Enter the Void,” which was filmed in Japan with several Japanese people in the crew. Check them out for yourself. Also, check out an earlier Kanye video that is […]

EBYAL 2010-11 Shaughnessy Tournament Results

EBYAL 2010-11 Shaughnessy Tournament Results as of: 3/6/11 Division GAME Date Week HOME Team Name HOME Team Score Visiting Team Name Visiting Team Score B 03/05/11 Round 1 Ohtani B2 (Miller) 55 BCOYC B1 (Kim) 41 EBFM B1 (Katz) 66 Ohtani B1 (Le) 44 03/06/11 Consolation BCOYC B1 (Kim) 56 Ohtani B1 (Le) 52 Championship […]

JA National Museum to host program on ‘Evolving Role of Nikkei’ press April 2 in L.A.

LOS ANGELES — The Japanese American National Museum is partnering with the Nichi Bei Weekly and three other publications to present “From Newsprint to New Media: The Evolving Role of Nikkei Newspapers,” Saturday, April 2 at 2 p.m. in the Tateuchi Democracy Forum, located at 111 N. Central Ave., Los Angeles. The program, which is part of […]

What’s oppression of a minority in a world with no majority?

On March 4, CNN published a story that shocked me. The headline, both eye catching and ridiculous, read, “Are whites racially oppressed?” As Angry Asian Man said, “NO.” The article looks into what CNN calls “racial jujitsu,” whites adopting the language and protest tactics of an embattled minority group. They cite conservatives, like talk show […]

Candidates for 2011 NorCal Cherry Blossom Festival Queen Program announced

The five women participating in the 2011 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (NCCBF) Queen Program greeted media and community members for the first time as Queen candidates in San Francisco’s Japantown on March 12. Tamiko Escalante, Richelle Chiemi Farley, Jeddie Narumi Kawahatsu, Lauren Sachi Kawawaki and Kaori Saito introduced themselves and revealed what they will […]

Panel explores ‘inadequate’ state of multiculturalism in Japan

For centuries, the Japanese government promoted ethnic homogeneity. The Tokugawa Shogunate prohibited foreigners from entering the country for some 200 years, and barriers to immigration remained high even after the isolationist policy ended in 1854. In recent decades, a lagging economy and aging population have compelled Japan’s leaders to reconsider traditional attitudes toward foreign residents. […]

Students, faculty and administration respond to racist UCLA student’s video

LOS ANGELES — Alexandra Wallace unwittingly achieved Internet stardom when she posted a video of herself ranting about Asians and Asian Americans attending University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on March 11. The video, since dubbed “Asians in the Library,” features Wallace complaining about Asian students that live around her apartment complex and sit and […]

Resources for locating people missing and staying updated on the situation in Northern Japan

In the midst of the aftermath of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that has devastated northern Japan, thousands of people are feared missing. Listed below are a number of resources to aid people in locating their loved ones who may have been displaced.   Bilingual Phone Services Little Tokyo Service Center: LTSC’s bilingual Social Services […]

‘Enraged’ Japanese lack basic necessities, struggle with emergency response

TOKYO — Fumiki Yukawa was on his way to stock up food for his restaurant bar, Hengenjizai, when the massive quake struck Tokyo. “I realized that the impact of the quake is bigger than anything else I’ve experienced before,” said the 34-year-old Yukawa, who opened his restaurant in 2009 after resigning from Sony. Anticipating that […]

80,000 mobilized for rescue, deaths top 4,300

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Rescue and relief operations continued March 16 following the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, with 80,000 Self-Defense Forces personnel, police officers and firefighters mobilized in the devastated areas, where temperatures have dropped to midwinter levels. The National Police Agency said it has confirmed 4,314 deaths in 12 prefectures, as of midnight […]