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Berkeley Higashi Honganji Holds Ohtani Jamboree

Held this year at Berkeley High School on Feb. 27, the annual Ohtani Jamboree is organized by Berkeley Higashi Hongangi Buddhist Temple to promote friendship and fellowship through basketball, with teams coming from all over the Bay Area to compete at a variety of levels between kindergarten and sixth grade.

Northern California Nisei Athletic Union hardwood action rolls into week 6

Week 6 – February 19-20 Aye Plus 1 2 F Gametime 38 38 76 SF Drakes 36 49 85 HIGH SCORERS Gametime: Tully – 23 Drakes: Sugawara – 24 1 2 F Sac Samurai 19 29 48 Sac Barons 37 44 81 HIGH SCORERS Samurai: Irish – 16 Barons: D. Kunisaki – 18 Aye Major […]

East Bay Athletic League concludes season, heads into March Shaughnessy Tournament

EBYAL 2010-11 Standings: Final Regular Season as of Feb. 20: Division Team W L Shaughnessy Ranking B EBFM B1 (Katz) 9 0 1 (10-12 Grade) Ohtani B2 (Miller) 7 2 2 BCOYC B1 (Kim) 5 4 3 Ohtani B1 (Le) 5 4 4 Eden B1 (Yee) 3 6 Diablo B1 (Steimetz/Uemura) 3 6 EBFM B2 […]

NIKKEI INVITATIONAL TRIOS at Serra Bowl on Tuesdays: Results as of Feb. 23

NIKKEI  INVITATIONAL TRIO’S SERRA BOWL DATE: 02/23/2011 2010 – 2011 Week 22 of 30 CURRENT STANDING SEASON STANDING Place Team Name Tm # W L W L 1 Serra Bowl #16 3 0 37 29 33868 2 Team #15 #15 3 0 34 32 33368 3 Torture #05 2 1 41 25 34031 4 Team […]

OBITUARY: Wally Yonamine

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Former Yomiuri Giants and Chunichi Dragons outfielder Wally Yonamine, the first foreigner to play professional baseball in Japan after World War II, died Feb. 28, 2011 in Honolulu after battling prostate cancer, his family said. He was 85. A former multisport second generation Japanese American who played pro football for the San […]

Style points for being green?

Posting for an environmental blog can be an exercise in confronting your own hypocrisy. Case in point: My last blog post covered the evils of disposable chopsticks, but I use waribashi all the time. I do own a reusable set of bamboo utensils that come in a handy carrying case and include a pair of chopsticks, but I always seem to be leaving […]

Book reviews of inconsequence: Thermae Romae

Welcome to the first installment of book reviews of inconsequence. The inaugural book shall be: Thermæ Romæ by Mari Yamazaki “Thermae Romae” has to be one of the most unconventional manga I have ever seen. The author, Yamazaki, is a Japanese woman married to an Italian grandson of a potter. They currently live in Chicago. […]

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