In my day, we had Hamsters and Kuribos, not them fancy motor bikes and slifers. Thus, this is the finest card in my collection.

While it serves as a point of bereavement for many people (mostly just the unwitting and misinformed investors) that, “Yu-Gi-Oh’s” licensor, 4Kids Entertainment has not only lost its license to the English release of its popular show about adults playing children’s card games (on motorbikes), but filed for full blown bankruptcy, there’s hope at the end of the tunnel.

That hope is: 4Kids might finally stop making horrible kid’s TV shows.

While some people might have fond memories of 4Kids being 4Kids, I’ve detested their existence for the past decade and a half. It’s one thing to “kiddify” everything, it’s another to completely white-wash everything. Since when was a rice ball a “jelly doughnut”?

As a child I would angrily yell at my mom that the TV was calling rice balls jelly doughnuts. I marched to school and told everyone about this. The bullies beat me up for being a nerd.

So good riddance. And let that be my eulogy.

On a respectable front, Little Kuriboh, the guy that mercilessly makes fun of 4Kids and made this show actually entertaining for me, is teaming up with other “Yu-Gi-Oh” fans to do a charity auction for Japan. Go check it out.

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