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Redistricting: Bad news for J-Town

The latest Redistricting map for the Supervisor Districts in San Francisco is BAD news for J-Town. It places J-Town north of Geary in District 2 and south of Geary to remain in District 5. 1. J-Town does not start north of Geary Boulevard; it starts from Ellis Street where Rosa Parks Elementary School and the […]

Redistricting to divide S.F.’s J-Town

What is the impact of moving the voting boundary lines by dividing the Japanese community of San Francisco? That is precisely the intent of the new redistricting lines being drawn between District 2 (D2), Supervisor Mark Farrell’s district, which includes Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Seacliff and the Marina. And if the people promoting this idea […]

RABBIT RAMBLINGS: Revisiting the redress days

The death of Gordon Hirabayashi closes the chapter on some of the heroic actions taken by three Japanese Americans during WWII. Hirabayashi, Min Yasui and Fred Korematsu were all men who challenged the government over our illegal incarceration in the courts, and their cases went up to the Supreme Court of the United States. They […]

OBITUARY: Joanne Akiko Sato

SATO, JOANNE AKIKO of Mill Valley peacefully passed on January 5 surrounded by her family. Born Oct. 22, 1932 to Ichiro and Shige Kataoka, Joanne Akiko was the youngest of six children: Toshiko, Kazuo, Takashi, Hisa and Maya. The day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, her father was the first Japanese in SF to […]

UCLA to sell treasured Japanese garden amid financial difficulty

The University of California, Los Angeles plans to sell its Hannah Carter Japanese Garden and the adjoining home to raise money for endowments, the institution announced in a statement issued in November of last year. The property, which is located a mile from the campus, in Bel Air, was a gift from Edward Carter, then […]

iTOUR THROUGH HISTORY: New app allows digital media to teach about the Japanese American incarceration experience

Have the days when students learned about Japanese American history through textbooks gone by the wayside? As consumers latch on to the latest tech gadgets, some companies are using digital media to teach about the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. From iPhone applications to video games, the emerging trend signals the innovative […]

THE KAERU KID: Go, going, Ghana (pt. 2)

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series. We again traveled by taxi to the Accra suburb of Teshie to see coffin makers ply their trade. The coffins are elaborate and limited only by imagination and money. It can take up to a month to construct coffins that resemble fishes, cars, boats, cigarettes, […]

Remembering Gordon Hirabayashi, from one resister to another

It was through a news report in the early nineteen forties that I first became aware of the remarkable Gordon Hirabayashi. Shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor he had surrendered to the authorities and asked to be imprisoned for violating the curfew order that was imposed on all those of Japanese ancestry. He apparently disagreed […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Turning a new leaf

Well, it’s the start of the new year, the Year of the Dragon. The Year of the Water Dragon, if you want to get technical, and it doesn’t officially start until Jan. 23. But it’s that time once again, that we make little promises to ourselves to change for the better; to be a better […]

Buying American, Japan bashing in the post-industrial

UPDATE: It appears I was mistaken, and this was all just a clever ruse. I rescind my offer and reactionary knee jerk reaction. What? Something wrong happened on the Internet? Well LOOK OUT BLOGOSPHERE BECAUSE I’M A SHARK AND I JUST CAUGHT THE SCENT OF BLOOD. No, I’m not talking about SOPA or PIPA, which are […]

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