LETTERS: Effort under way to honor Nisei veterans with a stamp


Dear Editor:

I urge all of your readers to write to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee to support the Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA) efforts for a proposed commemorative stamp series honoring the World War II military units that received the Congressional Gold Medal.

The Nisei soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service, the Tuskegee Airmen, Women Air Force Service Pilots and the Navajo Code Talkers are all well-deserved units for this stamp proposal.

During World War II, these veterans were discriminated against and the Nisei soldiers suffered grave injustice when they were placed in internment camps and had their civil rights taken away. But without hesitation, they served their country fighting in key battles and saved countless lives.

They became the most decorated unit for their size and length of service.

These military units deserve recognition for their heroism and sacrifices and the issuance of the commemorative stamp series can serve as a lasting tribute for this and future generations to be reminded of their heroic actions.

This could be our last hope for getting a commemorative stamp issued. Please ask your readers to write letters of support to:

Chairperson Jean Picker Firstenberg
Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
c/o Stamp Development
U.S. Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
Washington, D.C. 20260-3501

And a copy of their letter to:
Gerald Yamada, President
Japanese American Veterans
10316 Mountington Court,
Vienna, VA 22182
(or e-mail to: gyamada@goingforwardstrategies.com)

Fusa Takahashi
Co-Chair, WWII Nisei Veteran’s Stamp Campaign

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