LETTERS: Concert reinforces community connections


Note: This letter was sent in response to the Aug. 9-22, 2012 issue of the Nichi Bei Weekly.

Dear Editor,

I read with interest Aidan Noda’s story of the free concert at Nihonmachi Little Friends July 29 to celebrate the release of Tatsu Aoki’s “Toyoakimoto” album. Saxophonist Francis Wong was also one of the concert’s performers.

Francis Wong paid tribute to my father, Chinese music composer, Huáng Yǒudì … in his arrangement of “Alishan” in his 1993 CD, “Great Wall.”
Sometime in the ‘60s in Hong Kong, my father was asked by a radio station manager to arrange the music from a song in a film for the station’s chorus. My father’s arrangement was recorded and it became very popular.

Nancy Wong (Hwang Qian)
San Francisco

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