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Pledging ‘Allegiance’: New musical doesn’t hide from controversy

A chance encounter in a New York theater between actor George Takei and producer Lorenzo Thione — who was with composer Jay Kuo — led to the development and production of a new musical, “Allegiance,” now playing at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Takei spoke about his experiences during World War II as […]

OBITUARY: Dick Jiro Kobashigawa

KOBASHIGAWA, DICK JIRO, 97, passed away peacefully at home in San Francisco on Aug. 29, 2012. A Kibei Nisei born in Phoenix, Ariz. on Nov. 4, 1914, he grew up in the family village of Izumi-son, Okinawa. Over a long life, he was a farmworker, gardener, longtime member of the Okinawa kenjinkai, political activist, historian […]

OBITUARY: Dan Uchimoto

UCHIMOTO, DAN, 90, of Richmond, Calif. died peacefully at his home Aug. 23, 2012. Dan was born Oct. 9, 1921, grew up in Suisun Valley, Calif. and attended Armijo High School. Dan and his family were interned at the Gila River, Ariz. relocation camp during the Second World War. He left camp to attend Loras […]

OBITUARY: Yo Hironaka

Hironaka, Yo, passed away peacefully on August 30, 2012, in San Francisco. Yo grew up in San Francisco and spent most of her adult life as a San Francisco resident. During World War II, she was incarcerated with her family at Topaz in Utah prior to her relocating to the Midwest for the duration of […]

Exhibit focuses on Heinlenville, San Jose’s last Chinatown

SAN JOSE — The Japanese American Museum of San Jose will unveil a new exhibit, “Common Ground: Chinatown and Japantown, San Jose,” on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 10 a.m. The exhibit will center on the history of Heinlenville, which is known as San Jose’s last Chinatown and today’s Japantown. The event will highlight the stories […]

The evolving face of San Jose and the South Bay

Last year, the University of Maryland and the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) published a report that looks at the education, employment and cultural makeup of Japanese American populations throughout the United States. The paper found that the greater San Jose, Calif. area contained the fifth largest concentration of Japanese Americans in the country, following […]

DNC message to Asian Americans: Go vote

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Asian Americans can be a force to reckon with only if a majority of them exercise their right to vote in the upcoming election, according to Asian elected officials at the Democratic National Convention. Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority group in the United States, but according to San Francisco Mayor […]

Bay Area activists rally to defend Aoki in light of recent FBI informant allegations

On Aug. 20, the legacy of Nikkei activist and educator Richard Aoki, the former field marshal of the Black Panther Party, was suddenly thrown into question when the Center for Investigative Reporting released a news article and video asserting that Aoki was an FBI informant, starting before the formation of the Panthers and during its most […]

Open letter about ‘Allegiance’

The play “Allegiance” opened in San Diego, Calif. on Sept. 19. The producers of the play have received criticism about a pre-opening version of the play and they may have made some changes before opening. However, we understand that they do not intend to change the play’s characterization of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), […]

THE HEART OF KANJI: Thank you very much 1,000 times a day

一 (ichi) means “one,” which represents a form of one finger. æ—¥(nichi) means day, which represents the form of the sun. 千 (sen) means “thousand,” which consists of two parts. The bottom lines represent the number 10 and the top line represents many numbers. 回 (kai) means “time,” which indicates the circle or swirl. A […]

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