Musings from a San Francisco native



By Peter Kenichi Yamamoto (San Francisco: self published, 2012, 71 pp., $8.95, paperback)

Peter Yamamoto, a longtime member of San Francisco’s Japantown community, is often seen volunteering at the National Japanese American Historical Society. His artistic background from his parents and his roots in social activism including being a resident of the I-Hotel during its last days, has made him a living poetic record of the Asian American experience.

Yamamoto’s poetry in “Journey” spans his writings from 2006 to early 2012, including his tribute to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster victims of March 11, 2011. His poetry ranges from tributes to those he admires and respects, to reflections on himself or others he has encountered.

One part an ephemeral journal, another part a painting of Japantown, Yamamoto invites readers to his microcosm of Japantown, as well as his own thoughts, feelings and fears.

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