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SHORINJI KEMPO: Strength and serenity

In the basement of Sokoji Soto  Mission in San Francisco’s Japantown, 16 men and women, clad all in white, are fighting. In pairs, they send strong kicks to their opponents’ chests, hurling loud, menacing shouts. Kicks and punches are blocked with quick arm thrusts and, fairly often, grown men are lifted off their feet, hurdle […]

THE SOUND OF THE SOUL: Self-expression through shakuhachi

Six musicians gather in a semi-circle in a cavernous East Bay performance space. The room is quiet until they lift their shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). With the first notes, their heads rock from side to side, cheeks puffing, eyebrows darting upward along with particularly dramatic notes. The sounds reverberate against the walls, long wavering notes […]

OBITUARY: Yukio Steve Hara

HARA, YUKIO STEVE, 90, born Oct. 25, 1922 in Acampo (Lodi), Calif. died Jan. 20, 2013. He spent his early youth in Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan and returned to the USA prior to the start of WWII. He was predeceased by his wife of fifty plus years, Lillian(Kataoka) and is survived by his step-daughter, Constance(Shigeru) Morita […]

JAMsj presentation focuses on ‘digital reconstruction’ of concentration camps

SAN JOSE — Individuals will soon be able to virtually experience the sights and sounds of the wartime American concentration camps, including the barracks and gardens, through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Elizabeth Lee, the director of operations of the nonprofit organization CyArk, recently discussed the “digital reconstruction” project in her presentation, “CyArk: […]

New film ‘Emperor’ depicts birth of U.S.-Japan peace

LOS ANGELES — Starring Tommy Lee Jones as Gen. Douglas McArthur, “Emperor” is a tale of a U.S. soldier tasked with investigating Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s role in World War II. Before the film opened in the United States on March 8, the actors and producers spoke to Kyodo News about how it emphasizes the personal […]

OBITUARY: Misako Takeuchi

TAKEUCHI, MISAKO, 98, born September 8, 1914 in Stockton, Calif. and passed away on March 18, 2013 peacefully at her home in West Sacramento in the care of her family. She is preceded in death by her beloved husband Itsuki Takeuchi, son George, and daughters Sumiye Sasai & Esther Nakao. She is survived by her […]

Korean Americans faced voting barriers, study finds

NEW YORK — While Asian Americans turned out in record numbers in the 2012 presidential elections, a high number of Korean American voters faced voting problems, according to a new analysis by the Asian American Legal Defense Fund released March 27. The analysis was based on interviews with nearly 1,000 Korean American voters in six […]

THE KAERU KID: Mumbai — Scene of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

Editor’s Note: This is the final part a four-part series. The Farm Villa driver took me to the Ranthambore train station, where I caught a 16-hour trip to Mumbai. I had a sleeper reservation, though it was not very private or comfortable, but the price was just a little over $20. Making a train reservation […]

Letter to Princeton Admissions — One Applicant Draws a Line in the Sand

Editor’s note: One rite of passage in early spring is the arrival of college admissions acceptance or rejection letters. For commentator Stephen Fong — a senior in high school in San Francisco who is waiting to hear on his applications to Ivy League universities — one school has lost its luster. This week, high school […]

RABBIT RAMBLINGS: Hanafuda helps to bridge generations

I am going to a Hanafuda party. So, you might ask, “What is a Hanafuda party?” A few might know immediately because they recognize the name of a Japanese card game, sometimes called the Flower Card Game. I played this game as a child on a farm in Southern California, and now, I play it […]

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