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A new take on ‘Tule Lake’

SAN JOSE — The Japanese American Museum of San Jose hosted filmmaker Michelle Ikemoto on March 30, as she discussed the process of making of her animated short film, “Tule Lake.” The presentation included a screening and a Q-and-A format session with audience members. Jimi Yamaichi, the museum’s director and curator, made opening remarks. “Tule […]

Close-knit Japantown artists reconnect

Amid the activity that filled the San Francisco Japantown streets during this year’s Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, a close group of artists reunited to reminisce and showcase the artwork they created as members of the Japantown Art and Media (JAM) Workshop, which closed in 2000. About 15 people, artists and event attendees, joined the […]

THE GREAT UNKNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN GREAT: NIKKEI IN NEW YORK: A selection of immigrants’ unique and diverse accomplishments

This week’s column is the start of a series that focuses on the history of Japanese Americans in New York, specifically those outside the city. I realize that this statement immediately leads to some confusion. As a native of the Big Apple, I myself am used to hearing the label “New Yorker” used to refer […]

30 YEARS AFTER CHOL SOO LEE: A case that gave birth to Asian American activists

The National Japanese American Historical Society hosted a retrospective March 9 entitled “Chol Soo Lee: 30 Years of Freedom” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Chol Soo Lee’s release from prison. The event was held in conjunction with the nonprofit’s ongoing exhibit of Japantown Art and Media Workshop posters, created for community organizations and events […]

RABBIT RAMBLINGS: The legacy of race in politics

As my readers already know, I have strong opinions on most things, and I try to be true to my feelings when writing this column. I’m giving you a bit of a warning on what I am going to say here, because it may offend and upset some folks. But, like I say, I’m an […]

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