J-Town bar license suspended due to drink solicitation scheme investigation


The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control closed a San Francisco bar for 45 days April 10, alleging that patrons were being charged a surcharge on drinks in return for female company.

The suspension of Dimples Cocktail Lounge at 1700 Post St. is the result of a three-month long investigation by undercover agents, ABC spokesman John Carr said.

Agents discovered that female bar servers at Dimples were placing a surcharge on drinks in return for keeping male patrons company, Carr said.

The bar would collect the money and then pay a commission to the female employee.

The drink solicitation scheme is illegal, and can contribute to the over-service of alcohol and possibly other violations of the law, Carr said.

Dimples’ license has been suspended for 45 days, and placed on probation for three years. It will be revoked if there are any similar violations in the next three years, Carr said.

ABC officials also suspended the license of Pagoda, a bar at 1704 Post St., for 60 days in February for a similar drink solicitation scheme.

One employee at Pagoda was also arrested on suspicion of soliciting an act of prostitution and another employee was referred to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution for pimping, officials said.

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