LETTERS: Nichi Bei columnist’s work an ‘invaluable source of healing’


For years, I have enjoyed your e-mails alerting me to important happenings in our community and your “Let’s Talk!” column in the Nichi Bei Weekly.  I am so glad you remain active, proactive, and providing leadership in promoting valuable experiences in the JA community.  Your last column on the healing power of pilgrimage (Aug. 7, 2014 Nichi Bei Weekly) was so personally meaningful to me, I had to write and let you know.

I read the column just before leaving for the annual Heart Mountain Pilgrimage this year on August 21. It provided positive confirmation of what I have experienced in the previous two pilgrimages I made to Heart Mountain, and this year’s pilgrimage continued to deepen and broaden my understanding of so many aspects of the healing experience. It’s good that after all these years we have come to a stage where talking about, sharing, opening up about the incarceration is now possible in a caring, understanding, accepting community. This must be especially true for the inmates of Tule Lake who experience rejection and condemnation from their own JA community during those already difficult times.

Thank you Satuski, for your insights and wisdom.  Your sharing this in your writings and presentations have been an invaluable source of healing for us. 

Amy Iwasaki Mass

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