George Yoshisuke Abe
George Yoshisuke Abe

ABE, GEORGE YOSHISUKE, 91. Dad had the last laugh, passing on April 1.  As the third of four sons in Shinbaru, Fukuoka-ken, Japan, he was sent away at 13 years old on a secret voyage, to begin what he would come to call A Secret Life.

He worked as a farmhand for Katsusaburo Oda in Berryessa. He attended schools in Berryessa and Campbell before eviction and incarceration at Heart Mountain. Upon resettlement in postwar Ohio he worked in factories and gardening. He brought wife Emma Kiyono Abe and three children to Santa Clara in 1961, and worked as a landscape gardener for nearly three decades.

Preceded in death by daughter Patricia of Oakland, survived by sons Frank of Seattle and Steve of Sunnyvale; nieces Shigeko Goya and Emiko Kuroishi, and nephew Yoshimi Abe of Fukuoka; grandchildren Claire Abe and Alice Mar-Abe of Seattle, Anne Calef of Honolulu, and Robert Calef of Santa Cruz; and great-grandson Alden Abe Nguyen of Seattle.

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