LETTERS: Bay Area native spreads Buddhism’s message


Editor’s Note: The following comment was posted on www.nichibei.org in response to the article entitled “The process of becoming a better minister,” which was published in the Jan. 1 issue of the Nichi Bei Weekly.

Sensei Jeff,

My how time flies! Its been over 2 yrs since we’ve communicated. It’s great 2 hear you’re now a Buddhist minister. I’ve always wondered if a San Jose kid would become a minister. Gives me hope & encouragement that SJ Betsuin can teach and reach young people about Shin Buddhism.

I believe you were about the same age as my son Kelvin (or maybe it was Kimi?). They both still live in (the) Bay Area. I, on the other hand, have retired 2 the Central Cal coast (Los Osos, CA) in 2013.

Hope 2 hear more about your live adventures!

In gassho,
Tom Nishikawa

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