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The state of San Francisco Japantown’s businesses

At the dawn of its 110th year, San Francisco’s Japantown currently faces challenges in maintaining its identity as a regional hub of Japanese and Japanese American culture. About five decades since the Japan Center was built, many of the neighborhood’s longtime business owners have come of retirement age. As these businesses close, the neighborhood faces […]

An Asian American family’s first trip to Japan

Packed with suitcases within suitcases, the Toyota Highlander swung into San Jose’s Mineta Airport while the Japanese phrases ran through my head. “Nihongo ga dekimasu ka? Wakarimasen.” Do you speak Japanese? I don’t understand. I was ready! That exhausted my Japanese vocabulary, except for a wide selection of food essentials like mochi, senbei and manju. […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: 2016 brings new growth opportunities, challenges for AAPIs in California politics

The number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders serving in California’s state legislature is at a historic high with nine Democratic members and three Republican members. These members include: Assemblymembers Rob Bonta (D), Ling Ling Chang (R), David Chiu (D), Ed Chau (D), Kansen Chu (D), Young Kim (R), Evan Low (D), Phil Ting (D), […]

THE KAERU KID: A New Year’s Eve to remember

I don’t know why, but my ex-wife and I somehow always managed to have terrible New Year Eve celebrations in spite of the best intentions and plans. One year, I finally said, “We are going to have a fabulous one this year, regardless the cost.” (Be careful what you wish for). My idea was to […]

NIKKEI ANGEL ISLAND CHRONICLES: The Shigenaga brothers’ detention on Angel Island and the continent during WWII

Brothers Kakuro and Shigeo Shigenaga were both detained on Angel Island in 1942, arrested during a time of racial hysteria when many Japanese immigrants were captured by the FBI for fears they would engage in anti-American actions. They took different routes from Hawai‘i to the Department of Justice detention camps in Santa Fe, N.M., but […]

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