LETTERS: Webster Street Bridge ‘part and parcel of the Japantown historic and cultural fabric’


Here are two additional substantial reasons why the Webster Street Bridge should not be taken down.

The first is that it is a cultural icon. Admittedly not overly beautiful, it is still Japanese in style, and it is part and parcel of the Japantown historic and cultural fabric.  It is better known among locals as “the Japantown Bridge,” than it is as “the Webster Street Bridge.” Tearing it down is extremely culturally insensitive, and is of great sentimental loss to a once substantial Japantown area.

Secondly, the bridge/overpass presents an unmatched view of the architecturally beautiful Japantown Shopping Center and the soon-to-be redesigned Geary corridor. There is no other publicly accessible viewing area for these sites.  Why take it down?

Wake up, Geary Bus Rapid Transit Citizen Advisory Committee!

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