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‘Comfort women’ memorial site selected

A memorial dedicated to the so-called “comfort women” — who were used as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II — has found a home, say members of the “Comfort Women” Justice Coalition. Approved unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Sept. 22, 2015 through a resolution authored by […]

OBITUARY: Grace Sugawara

SUGAWARA, GRACE, 95, passed away peacefully on May 31, 2016 at the age of 95. Grace’s compassion for others, her kindness, generosity, self-effacing humor, her beauty, attention to detail, thoughtfulness, love of animals, and her Christian faith are just a glimpse of what she meant to those who knew her best. From her years as […]

OBITUARY: Kenichi Kaneko

KANEKO, KENICHI, 88, died peacefully on June 1, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Married for 62 years, he is survived by his wife, Yoshie; children, Hiroyuki, Taeko and Amy; sister, Ruth; and six beautiful grandchildren. His son, Masayuki, preceded him in death. Ken was a jack-of-all-trades, had a passion for cars, and could fix anything… […]

Dancing for the sake of change

BISHOP, Calif. — Each year, for the past 11 years, a group of about 60 people from the Florin chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League and the Council on American Islamic Relations- Sacramento Valley has made a pilgrimage to the  Manzanar National Historic Site, one of 10 former incarceration camps where Japanese Americans were […]

Rinban Bob, Rev. Patti Oshita retire from Sacramento Betsuin

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — After serving the Buddhist Church of Sacramento Betsuin for 32 years, Rinban Bob Oshita and his wife, the Rev. Patti Oshita, gazed at a banquet room full of more than 700 people on June 11 who had come together to celebrate the Oshitas’ retirement. “As this event was being planned, I thought […]

A Japanese hero, Ichiro surpasses Rose’s hits in front of fans

SAN DIEGO — By the time Miami Marlins right fielder Ichiro Suzuki glided up to the Petco Park plate in the top of the ninth inning of an eventual 6-3 loss to the San Diego Padres, controversy and a little bitterness gave way to class, appreciation and adulation. Suzuki, who had legged out a first […]

A heartwarming film of cross-cultural discovery rolled into ‘East Side Sushi’

“You have to be open to something different,” says single mom Juana Martinez, played by newcomer Diana Elizabeth Torres, to her young daughter (Kaya Jade Aguirre). And that something is sushi made by a Mexican American woman who dreams of becoming a sushi chef in the award-winning film “East Side Sushi” by director Anthony Lucero. […]

FANTASTIC VOYAGE: Obon in Japan, compared to America

I’d been trying to think of how to compare Obon festivals in Japan and America, but for reasons I couldn’t quite put my finger on, it was very difficult. On the surface there are many similarities; however, the role of the temple in America is very different than that of Japan, so to properly understand […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Green with envy?

My local Marukai Wholesale Mart recently had a sale on all-things matcha. Matcha? Is that some local Hawaiian product? No, matcha is basically green tea leaves that are refined to the nth degree. For starters, the plants that produce matcha aren’t cultivated like your basic green tea plants (Camellia sinensis). Instead, they are shaded from […]

Escrow closes but criticism of Keiro sale continues

LOS ANGELES — Keiro Senior HealthCare, which in early February finalized the sale of its four facilities to a for-profit real estate developer, looked beyond criticism from activists opposed to the transaction and declared Keiro’s intention to go forward with programs to benefit local Japanese American seniors. Gary Kawaguchi, Keiro’s chairman of the board, told […]

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