LETTERS: Support Yamada for Senate


Dear Editor:

We are lucky to have many capable leaders who want to represent us in Sacramento.

Serving as your congressman in Washington, there’s a lot of coordination and overlap required to make sure that policies decided in our state and national capitals work in harmony and to the benefit of the people we represent. In the election for state Senate, I’m proud to endorse former Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada because she has been an effective leader who understands the important issues and is visible in our community.

As the chairwoman of the Assembly’s Aging and Long-Term Care Committee, Mariko was focused on strategies to improve outcomes and care for California seniors. I have regularly sought her advice as my work in Congress has focused on Alzheimer’s research and support for the caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. Her background as a former social worker gives her unique insights that we could use more of in Sacramento.

Mariko’s career in the Assembly also focused on two other issues important to our region. She served on the Committees on Agriculture; Water, Parks & Wildlife; and Veterans Affairs. Her resolve to stop the twin tunnels boondoggle is strong, and she understands the importance of working with the agricultural community to preserve open spaces and natural habitats.

I’ve also always been impressed with her commitment to constituent services. She goes the extra mile for the people she represents, most notably through her series of veteran services fairs. She was also instrumental in the establishment of a program that helped lower-income residents get the tax returns and rebates owed to them. We need leaders as principled, dedicated and hardworking as Mariko. I gave her my endorsement the day she announced her candidacy, because in my mind, she is the single best choice we have to represent us in the state Senate. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Mariko Yamada’s grassroots campaign. With your help, she can win this.

Rep. John Garamendi
Walnut Grove, Calif.

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