LETTERS: Gassho for coverage of Rinban and Rev. Oshita


Dear Editor,

You did an exceptionally good job on your June 23 Obon and Summer Festivals Guide edition. It contained many interesting articles and your color photos added much visual appeal.

The article that really captured me most was Heather Ito’s retirement story of Reverends Bob and Patti Oshita. Other publications, including the Sacramento Bee, carried well-written stories of their upcoming retirement, but I liked Heather’s the best as she painted a colorful story of their lives and time at the Sacramento Betsuin in an informative yet easy-to-read style. By including the comments of many people who have been influenced by the Oshitas, Heather presented many interesting facts that flowed smoothly and kept me reading to the last word. The short article on Rinban Oshita’s thoughts on Obon was also very touching.

I look forward to reading more of Heather Ito’s contributions to the Nichi Bei Weekly.

Ruth Seo
Sacramento, Calif.

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