LETTERS: More on the Topaz (Central Utah) incarceration experience


Editor’s Note: The following was sent in response to the article entitled “Prewar Nikkei life depicted.”

Dear Editor,

In Greg Robinson’s July 21, 2016 book review of Toshio Mori’s  “Yokohama, California,” Robinson writes that, “Indeed, the text nowhere referred to the wartime fate of the author, confined at Topaz (Central Utah) …”

Writer Toshio Mori, one of the 8,000 Topaz internees, was from the  San Francisco Bay Area and the Topaz Museum in Delta, Utah has a digital section displaying some of their photos. The museum states that its mission is: “To preserve the Topaz site and the history of the internment experience during World War II; to interpret its impact on the internees, their families, and the citizens of Millard County; and to educate the public in order to prevent a recurrence of a similar denial of American civil rights.”

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