LETTERS: Digging deeper


Dear Editor,

This is a response to the article entitled “Golden Nursery of San Mateo celebrates its 40th year of blossoming business” by Jasmine Yamanaka (Aug. 18-31, 2016; p. 9). Golden Nursery may be celebrating its 40 years of operation with the Takemori family but Golden Nursery was established before 1976. Masao “Mac” Kawahara and George Amamoto started it in 1948. And Kawahara and Amamoto purchased the site of the present day Golden Nursery from an Italian American (Mike). It was called Mike’s Nursery at that time and Kawahara and Amamoto renamed it Golden Nursery.

I felt the need to clarify and add to your writer’s article since Mac Kawahara is my father and George Amamoto is my uncle. The Nursery had a strong influence on the Kawahara and Amamoto family members as well as to the San Mateo Japanese American gardeners and their families. I wish the Takemori family continuing success with Golden Nursery because their ongoing success means that my father and uncle’s efforts shows how Japanese American hard work has been inspirational to many of us today.

Thank you,

Lewis Kawahara, Mill Valley, Calif.

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