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C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: 2016 brings new growth opportunities, challenges for AAPIs in California politics

The number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders serving in California’s state legislature is at a historic high with nine Democratic members and three Republican members. These members include: Assemblymembers Rob Bonta (D), Ling Ling Chang (R), David Chiu (D), Ed Chau (D), Kansen Chu (D), Young Kim (R), Evan Low (D), Phil Ting (D), […]

THE KAERU KID: A New Year’s Eve to remember

I don’t know why, but my ex-wife and I somehow always managed to have terrible New Year Eve celebrations in spite of the best intentions and plans. One year, I finally said, “We are going to have a fabulous one this year, regardless the cost.” (Be careful what you wish for). My idea was to […]

NIKKEI ANGEL ISLAND CHRONICLES: The Shigenaga brothers’ detention on Angel Island and the continent during WWII

Brothers Kakuro and Shigeo Shigenaga were both detained on Angel Island in 1942, arrested during a time of racial hysteria when many Japanese immigrants were captured by the FBI for fears they would engage in anti-American actions. They took different routes from Hawai‘i to the Department of Justice detention camps in Santa Fe, N.M., but […]

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