The secret is in the soup at the Kurotaka Ramen food truck


courtesy of Kurotaka Ramen

Kurotaka Ramen, a ramen food truck, was started by Japanese brothers earlier this year in San Francisco with a mission to distribute fresh ramen that people can enjoy fast and easily.

Richard Yoshinori Kington, a founder and chef of Kurotaka Ramen, was born and raised in Hiroshima and decided to come to the United States with his younger brother, Alexander Yoshinobu Kington, to help make ramen more prevalent among Americans.

“When I was in Japan, I saw Japanese food was getting very popular overseas and then I thought of moving to America to succeed (in the Japanese food business),” Kington said.

Kurotaka Ramen uses a soup that takes two to three days to make, a blended broth of pork and chicken and dried small sardines. The soup broth is then mixed with Chinese cabbage, green onion, pork, chopped garlic, sesame oil and shoyu that was stewed with barbecued pork for two days.

Kurotaka Ramen is “stamina ramen,” which Kington hopes will warm and revive customers’ bodies.

Before he came to the U.S., Kington owned a restaurant, where he cooked various kinds of food. When Kington first moved to the U.S., he worked at a Japanese restaurant in San Jose and eventually became their head chef. There he realized that Americans’ view of ramen is different from the Japanese.

Japanese customers eat their ramen right away because they don’t want the noodles to get soft, but Americans prefer to let the dish cool down a bit.

Kurotaka Ramen’s menu is currently limited to Kurotaka Ramen and Charshu Don, but the plan is to add more varieties of dishes to better serve the needs of American customers.

Kington is experimenting with different flavors and kinds of foods. He said he hopes to make ramen that his customer would think is delicious and come back for another bowl.

Kurotaka Ramen can be found Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 30 Larkin St. in San Francisco.

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