First Nichi Bei Day of Giving to raise funds through Sept. 4


In order to raise critically-needed funds, support a small but dedicated staff, and create a reserve fund, the Nichi Bei Foundation has launched its first Nichi Bei Day of Giving now through Monday, Sept. 4. Through Labor Day, a series of online and check donations will be met with matching grants, helping to address the downturn in advertising revenue while providing bridge funding as grant applications are processed.

Nichi Bei Foundation supporters can sponsor a fundraising participant or become a fundraiser themselves by creating their own page and getting sponsors at

The actual Nichi Bei Day of Giving — featuring opportunities to make contributions and for donors to draw for prizes — will be held Monday, Sept. 4, noon to 6 p.m., at the Union Bank Community Room, Japan Center East Mall in San Francisco’s Japantown. There will be drawings for prizes for donors every hour, with a drawing for a $1,500 TOTO Washlet S350e for those who contribute $500 or more. And visitors can learn more about programs such as the upcoming Wakamatsu Pilgrimage on Oct. 7, to the site of the first settlement of Japanese in America.

In addition to publishing 28 bi-weekly publications a year — including the Japanese Culture and Cherry Blossom Festivals Guide and the Obon and Summer Festivals Guide — the Foundation produces a number of meaningful annual educational programs such as Films of Remembrance and the Nikkei Angel Island Pilgrimage.

“Funding these avenues has proven to be a difficult obstacle,” stated Nichi Bei Foundation board member Graig Inaba.
“The future of how our community remains connected to its culture and history is at stake. With time and effort, a new hope will emerge.

“An investment in us is an investment in our Japanese American community for generations to come,” Inaba added.

The campaign is being fueled by a fundraising software platform, which itself was purchased due to an online giving campaign earlier this year. The Foundation looks to maximize usage of such technology to find innovative and fun ways to build a new pool of contributors focused on a common goal to help stabilize operations.

As a special thank you, anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a free one-year digital subscription to the Nichi Bei Weekly, which includes a Digital Archives going back to Jan. 1, 2014.

Contributions can also be made by check to: Nichi Bei Foundation, P.O. Box 15693, San Francisco, CA 94115. For more information or to make a contribution to support any team member’s fundraising page, visit

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