Federal Judge denies Temporary Restraining Order in Tulelake Airport sale


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — On Aug. 27, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, in Sacramento, issued an 18-page order denying, without prejudice, the Tule Lake Committee’s motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to put on hold the City of Tulelake’s decision to sell the Tulelake Municipal Airport, which occupies 358 acres of the former Tule Lake concentration camp site, the Tule Lake Committee stated.
“The judge’s order allows the Tule Lake Committee to file a renewed motion for a TRO, which the Tule Lake Committee is preparing to file, and directs additional support on particular issues,” the Tule Lake Committee stated.
The Tule Lake Committee had filed a motion last week, seeking a TRO to pause the city of Tulelake’s sale of the Tulelake airport to the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma for $17,500.
“To those who have asked ‘how can I help?’ the Tule Lake Committee is soliciting Amicus Curiae participation in support of its goal of protecting the Tule Lake site from adverse impacts due to airport activities,” said the statement. “If you are a board member or active in a civil or human rights organization that can file an Amicus brief, please contact us.”
The committee is developing a fund to help pay for continuing litigation-related expenses at www.tulelake.org, or Tule Lake Committee, P. O. Box 179141, San Francisco, CA 94117.


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