S.F. Park Commission committee recommends new name for Julius Kahn Playground


A San Francisco parks commission committee recommended Sept. 5 a new name for Julius Kahn Playground, park department officials said.

The operations committee for the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission recommended Presidio Wall Playground as the new name.

Last year, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to change the name of the playground. Kahn is associated with extending the Chinese Exclusion Act, a racist law that became permanent in 1902 until Congress repealed it in 1943.

San Francisco parks officials said members of the groups Chinese for Affirmative Action and the Chinese Historical Society have been behind the effort to rename the playground.

The name recommended by the operations committee received the most votes from the public when they were asked.

The full commission will vote Sept. 19 and if approved the name will be changed. Park department officials said a majority of community members favor a geographical name for the playground.

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