A kid-friendly primer on Japan



By Willamarie Moore; Illustrated by Kazumi Wilds (North Clarendon, Vt.: Tuttle Publishing, 2017, 64 pp., $14.95, hardcover)

Here’s all the information you’d enjoy about Japan, everything from clothing to vocabulary to holidays. Interesting sections include “Introducing Japan,” “Everyday Life,” “Holidays and Celebrations,” plus “Language and Culture.”

This is a colorful, fun look at Japan. You’ll explore the literature, clothing, songs, games, food and event art and crafts for children in Japan.

Author Willamarie Moore introduces the reader to the culture of Japan, shares Japan’s mythical creation, and even includes a brief illustrated history of the people. Kazumi Wilds richly illustrates the book with dozens of captivating images throughout.

This is a book you’ll enjoy with your children. With the many colorful illustrations, you’ll have enough reading to keep you busy for an hour or more. There are also directions for making mochi, doing Obon dance steps, folding origami frogs, writing Japanese calligraphy and doing other family projects.

As a former elementary school teacher, I can readily picture a family sitting around the dining room table working on a fun and interesting activity together.

This book could also be useful for both kids and adults preparing for a trip to Japan or for those wishing to learn more about Japanese culture. My family took its first trip together to Japan five years ago. This book would have helped us appreciate and enjoy the culture even more.

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